In 2016, I left 9-to-5 life to travel more and started That WOW. I now work exclusively in the hospitality, tourism and luxury sectors. My days are truly a joy if I’m helping and training smaller brands with limited resources to compete with the big boys that have big budgets!


Given that the world has gone digital, I am lucky to have worked on my first website and email marketing campaign for a California startup 25 years ago. Throughout my career, I’ve specialised in online branding, marketing communications, and social media — living and working in Europe for 12 years, then India, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Pakistan and now Malaysia for the 2nd time. I’ve worked with many tech start-ups and brands like IBM, RIMOWA, Toni&Guy, and Marriott as well as 100s of hotels and restaurants around Asia. I was even once the social media manager for Guns N’ Roses, touring with them in Asia.

My commitment to uplifting chefs, hotels, and tourism companies grew from my love of travel (to date I’ve explored 37 countries!). In 2011 I launched India’s first luxury travel blog, uploaded my first hotel review video, and found my passion as a travel writer. In addition to being featured in publications like Conde Nast Traveller, Business Insider, and Expatriate Lifestyle, I also contribute to Esquire, MAXIM, Travel+Leisure, and other magazines, sharing luxury hotel and travel stories from around Asia.

My team also loves building restaurant & delivery websites.

Become an Expert

I offer bespoke consulting, digital marketing, social media, and branding workshops & training.

We’ll start with what you’re doing great vs. your competitors and turn you into in-house experts from there!

Get Found Online

Become a brand people love to follow on social media and the company they find on Google and social media when trying to make a buying decision. Leverage the power of customer reviews and influencers. This is how to grow your business without splashing out on a big advertising budget.

Better Social Media

2021 is all about storytelling. No one wants to see old-fashioned graphics with text shouting out a new promotion — seriously, no one! You need to be authentic, genuine, and spark people’s curiosity or put a smile on their face. People will love you … and that translates into sales.

Awesome Brand

A logo isn’t a brand. After price, your online brand image is the biggest factor that will influence someone’s decision to make an enquiry or buy from you. Be sure your brand image online engenders trust and sends just the RIGHT message to your target audience.

Easy Videos

Video inspires people to travel and makes mouths water! It accounts for 82% of all internet traffic and generates quality leads better than any other marketing tool. You don’t need fancy equipment or professional editing skills — you just need to know your brand. I’ll teach you the rest!

Work With Influencers

When you don’t have a big social media following, work with respected and trusted influencers who do to get your message out to more and new eyeballs. Running an efficient influencer campaign won’t break your budget and it can even lead to going viral (which is every brand’s dream).

Websites That Sell

Your website has 2 seconds before a visitor will close it and move on to your competitor. Having it be mobile-friendly and optimised is as important as ensuring they are just 1-click away from exactly what they’re looking for. With me, you get 25 years of website project management experience + I build the most affordable sites because my development teams sit in Bangladesh and Pakistan (not Europe or the U.S.).

Get Noticed

A big budget isn’t the only way to reach target customers today. We’ll turn you and your team into experts in social media, the art of “soft selling” instead of hardcore marketing and expensive advertising!

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