I started working with Angela in April 2018 and from the first day she insisted to make videos for us. Because people could now “see” our products and events, within six months our revenue more than doubled and our events were selling out. Also she updated our brand, from small things with the logo to the menu and product packaging. But what is best It think is she understands quickly when I explain an idea and can turn it into actions like creating a Loyalty Program to get our customers attention.

Riccardo Ferrarotti, owner

Bottega - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Hiring Angela for our Product Videos was one of the best decisions we made that year. Angela and her team are A-Grade professionals who know what they are doing. She was able to take our concepts and create a truly engaging video and delivered fantastic results. I would highly recommend Angela to any business looking for a high-quality media partner. A true Class Act!

Suchit Bachalli, CEO

Unilog - Bangalore, India

We arranged a consultation with Angela when we had just founded our digital start-up. With zero marketing experience ourselves, we needed a fresh, seasoned view and some key tips to make sure we were taking as many free steps as possible to make ourselves and our content not only more searchable but more interesting when someone found us. Within the space of her 3 hour workshop, we made great progress on both fronts, with her having prepared for us a long bullet-list MindMap prior to the meeting. I’d recommend doing the same to any new kids on the block.

Benny Price, founder

Joompa - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia