3 Social media truths you need to know

When it comes to the rules surrounding social media, much of what CAN be done is subjective. It depends on each brand’s ethos, its personality, and the audience it’s trying to target. The rules are … there are no rules. For the most part anyway.

Thankfully, there are a few exceptions! Like puppies and cupcakes will generate a ton of engagement on Instagram for generally any business. And then there are these three:

1) Behind-the-Scenes Content is GOLD

In today’s wonderful but often anti-social Internet age, we often crave a little love and connection. Sharing a steady stream of photos and videos showing your brand genuinely – and candidly! – working hard and having fun will endear it to anyone who happens upon your social media.  

2) Anything Can Go Viral

Not knowing what will go viral in today’s content-hungry world is both a good and a bad thing. An unfavourable moment or experience caught on video on someone’s phone can do some crazy damage to the reputation of an individual or a business or brand. At the same time, an amazing piece of content or spontaneous video or experience by a customer can shed a positive and powerful light on a business.

3) Be Genuine. Period.

Wearing your brand’s heart on its sleeve and letting the world feel your excitement about your food (or dive trips, guest services, drivers, stylists, etc) will allow people to feel a positive connection to you, and help your business to succeed. Whether you work in a B2B or B2C environment, social media is here to help you grow, to acquire new customers or to nurture existing ones in a way nothing else in your marketing and comms toolkit can. Embrace it and great things will come your way….



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