Social Media & Video Coaching for Tourism and Hospitality Brands.

  • Gain new customers in minutes with 15-second VIDEOS
  • Learn my #1 tip to being a brand people LOVE to follow
  • Master the art of creating content that STOPS people scrolling and gets them excited about you
  • NEVER promote products and services in a ``salesy`` way again
  • Allow the world behind-the-scenes to truly GROW online

I’m Angela Carson.

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When it comes to social media, I believe in selling without being salesy. I started my 1st job as a marketing coordinator 23 years ago, back home for a startup company in California in 1996. From there I worked for 12 years in Spain, 3 years in India, and then China, Hong Kong, and Malaysia since 2014. Over the years I’ve worn many hats until eventually becoming chief marketing officer. Now I’ve left the 9-to-5 grind behind to offer workshops, training, and coaching … travelling non-stop and living in Indonesia’s Riau Islands.

In India, I toured with Guns N’ Roses as the head of digital and social media marketing.
I was also the head of communications for the Chinese pop star G.E.M.
Since 1996 when I worked on my 1st website and email marketing campaign, I’m proud to have helped countless travel, hospitality, F&B, service companies, and start-ups to grow.

Let’s turn you and your team into experts.

Social media, marketing, and being on-brand are all skills that can be learned. I’d love to act as your mentor and knowledge-share what I’ve learned over the years.

Workshops & Training

From 1-hour sessions on shooting Instagram Story videos to 3-hour intensive bespoke workshops, I can help you improve your digital customer acquisition and retention strategies through storytelling, digital marketing, and social engagement, and by fully understanding your brand and how to showcase it.

Online Coaching

A big budget isn’t the only way to reach target customers today. It can be accomplished just as easily through out-of-the-box thinking and a storytelling approach to generating buzz online. We’ll turn you and your team into experts in social media, the art of “soft selling“ instead of hardcore marketing, creating videos and engaging content, working with influencers, and more!

1-on-1 Consulting

If a completely bespoke, personalised plan sounds more your style, I work with brands and businesses across the globe to help them grow an online presence with a real WOW factor. That includes content creation (I’ll fly to you!), personal branding training for execs, website creation, and sales kit development to name a few.

How to Grow Your Business in 2020?

Be searchable. Seriously, that’s it.

Well, and look good, too (no one likes a hard-to-use website or messy social media anymore)! Every millisecond of everyday people are searching online for products and services they need. Sometimes from a computer but more and more it’s on a smartphone. They are ready to buy. Be the brand they find when they’re looking for products and services you offer and help them decide to choose YOU by shining online.

Hard-Sell Your Products & Services
Huge $$ Advertising Budget
Touch Hearts & Connect Emotionally

Your social media strategy.

Trying to do it all and be present on every social media app is not going to help you grow the same way that cultivating a loyal tribe will.  In fact, vanity metrics like # of followers should not even be part of your social media strategy anymore.

Here’s what you need:

  • Video, video, video
  • Value-added content that delights, entertains or enlightens
  • To STOP hardcore marketing (people go to social media for fun, not to feel like their being sold to all the time)
  • Consistency, to stay on-brand, and to be a brand with heart and some realness to be relatable
  • Quality vs. quantity content (more does not = best)
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Know Your Audience
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Show You Care

Ready to get started?

Let me know if you’re interested in 1-on-1 Consulting or Customised On-Site or Online Training. Otherwise, here are a few of my most popular plans to choose from:

1-Hour Bespoke Trainings

$ 250
  • Join me for 1-on-1 Bespoke sessions that deep dive into single topics. This is a perfect bite-sized way to master new skills around branding, communications online, digital marketing, and of course VIDEO (always video!):
  • – Comment & reply on social media like a pro
  • – LinkedIn
  • Master Instagram Stories
  • How to make awesome 15-second videos
  • – Use hashtags & keywords so new customers find you
  • – How to look On-Brand for your business

How to Sell More Using VIDEO

$ 500
  • Videos are the #1 most desired content on social media today.
  • I’ll teach you everything you need to know to easily SHOOT and edit eye-catching videos (it’s easier than you think)!
  • 3-hour workshop includes: which platforms are best for you, tips & tricks on shooting styles and editing video, the right kind of videos to make for YOUR brand, staying on-brand, and more.
  • Optional: add $150 for my personal coaching on your 1st 10 videos (2 revisions max per video)


3-Hour Bespoke Workshop

$ 795
  • Hour 1 >> You vs. your competitors (Google & social media analysed by me prior to our session)
  • Hour 2-3 >> Your NEW content strategy, platform by platform + we’ll Deep Dive into every question about marketing and social media you have
  • After >> I’ll share a MindMap with all of the above + top actionable items from our meeting
  • (no limit to # of people who may attend)
  • Optional: add $150 for my personal coaching on your 1st 10 social media posts (2 revisions max per post)


1 Month Plan: Set Yourself Up to WIN

$ 1,500
  • Let’s work together for one month to ensure that your online presence truly has that WOW factor every brand craves. Here’s what you’ll get >>
  • – The 3-hour bespoke training session
  • – Weekly 1-hour trainings on the topic of your choice
  • – PLUS I will personally work hand-in-hand with you to create your 1st month of social media content and ensure it is perfect. This applies to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn (video, photo post, or blog post – max 3 posts per week).

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