Social Media & Marketing Strategy Coach and Consultant

I'll train your team to BOOST SALES IN A STRATEGIC NEW WAY

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how to shoot video on a mobile

3-Hour Workshop

I’ll teach you everything you need to know to easily SHOOT and edit eye-catching videos (it’s easier than you think)!
  • How to plan a video shoot + tips on shooting styles​
  • The right kind of video and music for YOUR channel​
  • Introduction to video editing on your computer and mobile phone
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customised 2020 content strategy

3-Hour Bespoke Workshop

You’ll receive a MindMap with your new content strategy and calendar.

  • Hour 1 >>
    You vs. your competition (full analysis by me prior to workshop)
  • Hour 2-3 >>
    We'll set your NEW social media content strategy + deep dive into your Facebook, Instagram & YouTube accounts
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30-day social media coach

1-Month Private Advisor

Give your business the attention it deserves: turn it into a world-class brand.

  • You'll get the 3-hour Bespoke Workshop + weekly specialised training
  • I will help you to create your 1st month of social media content
  • We'll launch your Youtube channel + 4 videos by the end of the month


Super Charge Your Strategy

Video generates 3x more clicks, let it help you to >>

  • Gain new bookings, customers, and leads in minutes
  • Be a brand people LOVE to follow on social media
  • Publish content that STOPS people scrolling and engages them
  • Generate buzz without spending money on ads

Let’s turn you and your team into social media gurus.

Social media, marketing, and being on-brand are all skills that can be learned. I’d love to train you up and knowledge-share what I’ve learned over the years.

Workshops & Training

I can help you improve your digital customer acquisition and retention strategies (your online marketing), social media, and train your team to fully understand the best way to promote your brand. 

Online Coaching

No matter where you are in the world, we’ll turn you and your team into experts in social media, content marketing, creating videos, working with influencers, and more! All you need is good storytelling to do it. 

1-on-1 Consulting

If a completely bespoke, personalised plan is what you need, I’ll help you grow an online presence with real WOW. That includes content creation, LinkedIn training for your leadership team, and sales kit development.


GUIDE: Setup the perfect facebook page

  • Do’s and don’ts for your channel art and logo
  • Generate daily inbound leads
  • Become instantly more searchable
  • Learn detailed guidelines for how to improve your Facebook Page, including how to fix the page username problem that you didn’t know you had!

HOW TO Setup The Perfect Facebook Page

Watch your Facebook Page go from INEFFECTIVE to a LEAD GENERATING MACHINE in one hour with this easy-to-use 7-page guide.